Part of the “community” whinging I’m seeing going around like a case of the flu seems to be curiously concerned with the pagan hesitance to adopt leaders and revere elders.

Frankly, the anarchist in me can’t comprehend why this is seen as such a bad thing.

Why shouldn’t we be suspicious and critical of spokespeople?

I honestly think it has a lot to do with the general bitterness and distrust harbored by millennials (my generation), who are just now coming into their own as adults with jobs and social lives and disposable income, of leader figures. You can’t tell me we haven’t been seriously let down and cheated by many people who said they had our best interests at heart since we were in the 6-12 year old demographic.

We are the first generation whose hope to have it better than their parents has been beaten if not outright murdered. To many of us, progress is a hollow lie manufactured by marketing firms, approved by suits in dark, smoky rooms, and made by workers China so addled with carcinogenic substances that they probably won’t live to see their grandchildren. We are saddled with debt, many of us with no hope of getting into a stable career for the forseeable future. The job market for us is so dismal that we have no choice but to be entrepreneurs, taking fate into our own hands and hoping for the best.

So of course we would bring that to our religion, the collective writhing mass of which aspires to be an institution, just like the Real Players. Just like the banks, the church, the academic establishments.

Pardon me for being skeptical of this vision of a united, compassionate front.

I have been suspicious of leaders my entire life– from teachers (few of whom understood that they had to earn my trust and respect before I would give it, most of whom did not), to self-appointed community leaders (HRC, anyone?), to anyone that claimed to speak on my behalf, or knowing what’s best for me, without knowing me.

If I wanted to be part of a flock of sheep to be dictated at, I would have gone back to the church.

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